10 Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria (2020)

10 Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria 2020

Business Ideas in Nigeria

With the rapid decline of the economy in our country, making money in Nigeria has become tough. The search for white collar jobs continue to be on the increase as more graduates are been churned out every time.

With little or no capital, there are business ideas you can start off if you want to make money in Nigeria without waiting for that oil company job in Nigeria as most of the jobs in such places are gotten by people who have connection there.

So, instead of staying idle and blaming your villagers for causing your downfall, below are 10 business ideas that can fetch you money in Nigeria with little or no start-up capital.

Start an eatery or restaurant business

If you can cook very well, then you can start an eatery/ restaurant business. It requires capital to start and it is very profitable on the long run. You should set up your restaurant at a populated location especially near government and other firms.


Mini-importation business

This is by far what most people engage in nowadays in Nigeria. You could use like N20,000 to start-off this business. If you source through the internet, you would find many e-books on how to import cheap goods from abroad and sell them here in Nigeria. Items like wrist watches, female and male wears, shoes, second-hand phones are examples of items you could import.

Start up a school

Everybody wants to learn, but with the expensive fees of private schools in Nigeria, this has become difficult. You could take advantage of the situation and start up your own school here in Nigeria as long as you can meet up with the requirements of the educational board in your state. Better still, you could offer services as a private lesson teacher for students if you don’t have the finance to start up a school.

Start up a transport business

If you own a car or a bus and have knowledge of how the transport system works in Nigeria, you could either start a transport business of your own or hire a driver to drive for you. You would have to reach an agreement with such driver on what your weekly allowance would be. This particular business idea requires capital to start and is very lucrative.

Start up a dry cleaning business

This is one of the sure business that you can earn money from. When doing such business, you should target people like bankers, corporate organisations, business men, e.t.c. These set of people patronize dry cleaners a lot because they can’t wash their clothes themselves due to the nature of their jobs. Establishing one near such places will fetch you customers and money.

Printing and Selling recharge card vouchers

In Nigeria, virtually everyone makes use of a mobile phone(s). Printing and selling recharge card vouchers for the various network providers is now a common business in Nigeria because it requires little capital to start. The target or market for selling these vouchers never runs dry since everyone must make a call to a person or another. Although the profit for this kind of business idea is small, if you want to indulge in this kind of business, its best you start selling these recharge cards especially in bulk.

Plan events for people

Events like wedding, birthday parties, love feast e.t.c, mostly requires event planners to lessen the burden of the groom and bride-groom. This particular business requires capital to start, an online presence, complementary card, an office, phone number and even a website. It is very lucrative and there are few that are into it, earning well from it.

Solve Tech related problems

This may sound weird but I have seen people making cool cash from this. Do you know how to create a blog in Nigeria? Do you know how to root a phone? Or anything related to technological items- phones, computers, software’s, e.t.c. If you can solve these tech related problems, you can set up an online office where you could solve such problems and charge for your services.

Start poultry business

Having a poultry farm where you rear chickens is one sure way to earn money in your pockets. Birds are easy to rear because they mature quickly and are always on demand. These birds are mostly sold during seasons like Christmas, Easter, weddings and parties for consumption making poultry farming a lucrative business to delve into. Also the eggs these birds lay can also be sold to add to your income.

Start selling second hand items

Nigerians love cheap but original items. Second hand items like used phones, clothes, phone casing, shoes can all be sold to make profit. You will need to create a network of customers for these business to thrive.

If you have any other business idea that you would love to share rather than these, please use the comment section. We would love to hear from you to help reasonable Nigerians. Thank you


How to Start Recharge Card Business In Nigeria Easily (2020)

Forget the myth or lies you might have heard concerning recharge card printing business. Lies like- the profit margin is too small, it is stressful, e.t.c. One thing is certain in this business- there is always a high demand of these recharge cards as you do not need to source for customers. They will come to you and therefore, you are always guaranteed sales and patronage.


To start a recharge card business, you either start as a dealer, a sub-dealer or a retailer. More details on each are given below

  • Recharge Card Dealers

You would need about N10 to N15 million if you would want to start as a dealer in recharge card business. Dealers make the highest profit when it comes to recharge card business because they deal directly with the telecommunication companies.They get recharge card pins from telecommunication companies, print in bulk and sell to the sub-dealers.

  • Sub-Dealers

To start off as a recharge card sub-dealer, you would require about N200,000 to N600,000 to kick off. These category of sellers, sell directly to retailers but buy from dealers. They are the middle-men between the dealers and retailers.

Depending on level of patronage, you should be pocketing profit of about N5,000 to N10,000 daily.

These set of people are the ones we probably call recharge card sellers as they are found in streets, shops, markets e.t.c. Capital requirement for retailers is between N6,000 to N10,000.

Profit margin here is kind of low as it depends on your turnover on a daily basis. Nevertheless, profit is still guaranteed and you can do other business alongside selling recharge cards.

In this post we provide a detailed guide on how can you start recharge card printing business in Nigeria and other things you need know concerning the venture.

How to Start Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria

Another business idea related to selling recharge cards is recharge card printing. Nigerians involved in this kind of business have confessed to have made lumps of cash from it. This make recharge card printing business one of the reigning and most profitable business ideas in Nigeria.

To start your printing business, first you would need the pin codes which will be printed on the vouchers. As earlier stated, you can get these pins from major dealers. Sometimes, the pins are sent to you through your e-mail for a reduced price. Thanks to the internet, you can now find these trusted dealers online to purchase the pins.

If you are interested in engaging in such, below are tools you would need to start off:

1. Capital: You do not need to be a millionaire to start printing recharge card business. You would need money to purchase pins from dealers who sell in bulk and money to subscribe to the internet, especially when you want to send and receive mails from dealers.

2. Computer with Internet access-: Although, you might not nee to own a personal computer but its preferable considering security risk of another hacking your mail to see your purchased pins. As said earlier, your computer will have the recharge card printing software and should be connected to the internet in order to print pins.

3. A Printer-: it is used to print out the recharge card pins.

4. Software-: for de-encrypting the pin codes which are sent to you.

NB: You can also meet a trusted recharge card dealer to give you a device known to print vouchers and recharge cards if you cannot afford a printer or computer

How to make payment for Recharge Card PINs

Unless requested by the dealer to be done online, making payment for recharge card pins are usually paid through the bank to the dealers account choice. After which you send payment details to the dealer.

The dealer will then confirm that payment has been made and would send you the purchased recharge card pins via email(s). We do advice that you start printing out about 150 recharge pins and when you have built up customer loyalty, you can increase the figures.

Is Recharge Card Printing Business Lucrative?

Yes it is profitable with many advantages. This is because, people recharge their phones on a daily basis because of the need to make calls and send messages, so they will definitely buy cards to recharge their lines. Once you have customers, then you earn very well with this business idea.