Oluwo of Iwo shares pepper dem pictures, calls himself the king of swagger

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has described himself as dripping king of swagger after sharing pepper dem pictures showing him looking stunning in his colorful palace.

Fondly called Emperor Telu, the king who is taking monarchy to the next level shared the pictures on Instagram where he’s very much active.

He wrote much in Yoruba language: “Oba ki le manpe mi naa ? Se Oba Swagger ni !! we just starting asheshe nmu eiye bo lapo ni pelu Ashe Oba Kan soso tounje kabio kosi Oba toun se ola ti enikan kole bi lere…. kabiesi Olodumare oooo !!!”

He added: “Just one life…. enjoy !! Aiye po repete, Omo toba fe jaiye jaiye, toba fe jaiye ooo oro mi Lowo Oluwa ye, wa sise oo Tatashe to hott pepper dem dripping Kingy”.

The Oluwo of Iwo recently likened Nigeria to a Mango tree due to its survival nature.

He wrote: “Mango grows fruit in dry season even without water. In the season, Mango flourishes, fleshy and bright to the admiration of those who love nature, including myself. The virile pollen develops in the season, no matter what, the eatable fruits make it and survive the season to ripe at the beginning of a new rainy season. That is for Nigeria” “MANGO survival is natural. No one waters mango. Why? Mango fruit is readily available for everyone. You just pluck , and eat. Only the hygienic watch before eaten. The generosity of mango invites the natural grace it enjoys. Mango has no limitation most especially in our locality. It is the most public of all fruits” “Despite that, most didn’t respect the dignity/importance of Mango. They stone it to harvest its fruit and that doesn’t stop mango from producing another fruit for human consumption” “Givers will never lack. Mango will continue to survive every natural threat. That is how GOD created nature. If you pinch yourself to serve people, God will place HIMSELF to serve you. It is natural law. Whatever you give to nature is what you get. I make myself uncomfortable to comfort others. And I’m being rewarded by OLODUMARE (God). I want people to learn from this and make themselves available for the good of others. Generosity is the most profitable act. Every good deed grows steadily. You reap bountifully and mostly at an unexpected time. When you pitch yourself to serve others, God will pitch others to serve you. They must help you, nature is good if you are good to nature”.

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